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International Centre for Corporate and Organizational Marketing

Over the last two decades there has been increased  practitioner and academic interest in the inter related corporate-level concepts of corporate identity, corporate branding, corporate communication, corporate image, corporate reputation and brand management. 

In the past decade there has also been increased concern with corporate ethics and aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR), due to the growing interest in corporate activities by various stakeholders including consumers, employees, the community at large and the Government. Hence, for many contemporary organisations, an explicit CSR and ethical remit coupled with a heightened awareness of the strategic importance of Marketing at a corporate brand level appears to be of critical importance in comprehending and managing these entities. 

It has also been argued that there should be greater integration across all the above concepts coupled with a reappraisal of the marketing philosophy at the organisational level. Such an integration represents a new phase of marketing thought which has been termed corporate marketing.

Amongst other free resources, the Centre provides a list of corporate marketing and corporate brand management  related journal papers identified globally for their quality and relevance under publications and abstracts , plus a blog dedicated to Corporate Marketing and Brand Management.